Rachael Clewlow


Screenprint on Somerset 300gsm
78 x 76cm
Edition of 20

Each day of the week is represented by one of the 7 colours from the colour spectrum (ie Red represents places the artist visited/ passed through on Monday, Orange is Tuesday etc)

The grid is made from a latitude and longitude for each reference point (ie each circle is centred on both a horizontal and vertical line)

All measurements are taken from an Ordnance Survey Explorer Map scale 1:25000 (2.5 inch to 1 mile) of Newcastle Upon Tyne and refer directly to the artist’s notebooks

There are 20 places for each day of the week, making a total of 140 circles

The artist’s house is the centre of the square (not marked by a circle)

The size of the circle is determined by the length of time it took her to get to a place (ie a 3 minute journey is represented by a circle with a radius of 3mm, a 20 minute journey is represented by a circle with a radius of 20mm)