Current Exhibition: The Terrarium Drawn

15 September - 7 October

Lucy Bainbridge, Hen Coleman, Katherine, Jones, Tamsin Relly and Michael Taylor.

Prints and works on paper created in response to fragile

Envisaged by Katherine Jones

The Terrarium Drawn explores the evolution of environments, both natural and fabricated, global and domestic. All five artists use drawing as a fundamental part of their practice in order to grasp an idea and to explore its development.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Ricardo Cinalli - A Ravishing Muse - An Irreverent Homage to Picasso

19 October - 5 November

London based Argentinean artist Ricardo Cinalli returns to the city with a tongue in cheek solo exhibition at jaggedart. In “A Ravishing Muse – An Irreverent Homage to Picasso”, Ricardo has indulged a life-long desire to pay tribute to Picasso. ‘Copies” of a series of “Têtes de Femmes” will be exhibited in the show, all renowned and reproduced many times. A distracted visitor may wonder how can a collection of such masterpieces be reunited under one roof, especially in a small Marylebone gallery. It is utopia. The portraits, the style, even the carefully replicated frames are almost alike.