Current Exhibition: Shades of Summer - check with the gallery for August hours

13 August - 7 September

A collection of works that evoke blue skies, a light breeze and warm sand, all prolonging the amiable feeling of summer.

The show includes Form of Instinct, Laura Ellen Bacon's Woman's Hour Craft Prize finalist work, which was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum and other venues.

The exhibition will also include objects, tapestries, furniture, fabrics, ceramics and glassware.

Exhibition in collaboration with Sara J Beazley.

Laura Ellen Bacon | Christabel Balfour | Lucia Fraser | Geraldine Larkin | Bronwen Patterson | Katie Walker

Forthcoming Exhibition: On The Same Page - Page Turner

12 September - 5 October

Private View: Wednesday 11 September

More than ever, when words and images seem to instantly evaporate into the ether, this show brings together works of words on differing formats -loose and bound, letters, maps, novels, packaging, photographs or specially printed - each work a tactile reality. Some small, like gems; some exploding beyond the pages, each work inspires a journey through the imagination.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Alliance | Exchange - Patricia Swannell | Kazuhito Takadoi

10 October - 7 November

Private View: Monday 14 October

A collaboration and conversation between Patricia Swannell and Kazuhito Takadoi where they challenge, provoke, emulate and combine their ideas, materials and style to create unique new works.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Pairings

6 November - 30 November

Private View: Wednesday 6 November

Artists collaborate, interact and react to each other. In this show it is more intimate than that - the artists are partners in life.

The artists will be answering a variety of intimate questions to further explore their common artistic interests.