Current Exhibition: Lost in Landscape

19 October - 11 November

Carlos Gómez Centurión – Jason Hicklin - Domenico Pugliese

Vast landscapes engulf the artists as they create on-site dramatic and atmospheric photographs, paintings and drawings

Forthcoming Exhibition: On High: in Hope - Juliet & Jamie Gutch - Rachel Shaw Ashton

12 October - 22 December

Swift as light by Juliet Gutch

The light moves fast revealing contoured lines,
it flocks the fields then leaves and flees elsewhere.
The swifts are swooping, shrieking as they climb,
born to feed to sleep to mate while gliding in air.
The light moves quickly, covering a lake of grey,
the water like granite found steely wet on high.
A magnetic luminescence astounds the day
and on scythe shaped wings they dip to sip as they fly.
Their ceaseless, tireless soaring by day and by night
has untethered the swift from customary rest.
Unable to perch it is caught within its flight,