Current Exhibition: Concealed

31 May - 29 June

In our Summer exhibition, the walls of the gallery are almost totally hidden by over a hundred works on paper, cut outs, prints, photographs and objects in the style of a Salon hang.

Forthcoming Exhibition: Patricia Swannell - A Meditation on Time

19 April - 20 June

in collaboration with Circus, at 58 Marylebone High Street London W1U 5TH
Open 10 am - 5 pm

Swannell’s work explores our relationship with, and effect on, the natural world around us. Trees, the lungs of the earth, are potent signifiers. Rooted in the ground while reaching to the sky, they connect us to both past and future human generations. The exhibited work represents a meditation on time – embedded in the environment we inherit and the legacy that we leave behind.