Current Exhibition: Thread

9 March - 25 March

Monica Fierro - Livia Marin – Jorge Sarsale – Rachel Wickremer

A thread….
runs through the whole course of something, connecting successive parts…

Fine filaments of paper or yarn are intertwined, arranged or embroidered in a gradual, time absorbing process. The thread, sometimes hidden, sometimes anticipated, becomes the skeleton of a work. Its absence, suggests the piecing together, the next step in the creative process. At other times, its appearance constructs and adds layers of new meanings and depth.

Forthcoming Exhibition: A CABINET OF CURIOSITIES

26 April - 20 May

jaggedart at London Craft Week 2017

Laura Ellen Bacon - Lucas Ferreira – Jane Goodwin - Juliet and Jamie Gutch - Charlotte Hodes - Emily Kidson - Jeremy May – Valéria Nascimento - Kazuhito Takadoi – Jude Tucker

Cabinets of curiosities were encyclopaedic collections of objects - the forerunner of museum collections.

The cabinet of curiosity was seen as a microcosm, a theatre of the world and was often a wonderfully eclectic range objects.