Kazuhito Takadoi - Shizuka in The Portland Magazine


Kazuhito Takadoi - Shizuka in The Portland Magazine

Nature’s collage

Hand-picked twigs, leaves and blades of grass sewn through handmade Japanese washi paper make up the three-dimensional collages on display at jaggedart. Kazuhito Takadoi is a horticulture and art graduate who was born in Nagoya, Japan, where he was surrounded by rich woodland.

His work involves natural materials, which he grows in his back garden and adds no preservatives, colourants, chemicals or chemicals to reflect the colours in nature that change as time matures his work. Each piece tells nature’s story, from a full moon rising to trees in a forest, while structurally reflecting an interest in Japanese architecture, ikebana and kimono fabrics.

Eastern discipline and Western abstraction merge as Takadoi adapts embroidery techniques to create works that simultaneously exude minimalism and extravagance.

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