Ricardo Cinalli's retrospective exhibition 'La Metafora del perturbante' opens in Trieste, Italy


Ricardo Cinalli's retrospective exhibition 'La Metafora del perturbante' opens in Trieste, Italy

La metafora del perturbante

Ricardo Cinalli's solo exhibition in Trieste, will run from 23 March to 2 May 2013. Created by the Cultural Woland, the Municipality of Trieste and Elzeviro -Publishing Communication Arts, the exhibition will be accompanied by a monographic catalog in Italian and English.

"The metaphor of the uncanny", designed by Claudio Crismani, president of the Cultural Woland, consists of a selection of 52 monumental works and is divided into seven sections, each aimed at describing the conflicts and questions of the human being in front of the great classical themes: transcendence, the dimension of time, art, creating, religion, sex and death.

Cinalli is an artist who conceives the work on a monumental scale, originating from the canons of the Italian Renaissance tradition. It is a versatile painter, who refers to both the legacy of Italian painting and his experience as a stage designer. Edward Lucie Smith, who takes care of the "scientific" exposition, recognizes him as one of the most important contemporary monumental painters.

From the city of Trieste, the exhibition will continue to Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome and Palermo, to make known to the Italian public the multi-faceted work of this important contemporary artist. For over thirty years, through a series of exemplary artistic coherence, marked by a vast repertoire of shows held in the most prestigious exhibition in the world, Cinalli has reached an undisputed and well-established international reputation.

Ricardo Cinalli, born in 1948, was born in Argentina, Santa Fe, to Italian parents. Degree in psychology at the University of Rosario, lives and works in Buenos Aires and London, where he settled in 1973 and where he perfected his art studies following the course of the Harrow School of Art and the prestigious Hornsey College of Art. Cinalli has found the ideal space to express his "titanic" art in Italy. A Terni in 2007 achieved the fresco "The Resurrection" on the counter of the Cathedral in 2008 and the frescoes for the New Chapel the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia.