Swirls And Silhouettes

Swirls And Silhouettes

7 June - 30 June 2023

Cutting | layering | embroidering

Charlotte Hodes | Victoria Hooberman | Rachel Shaw Ashton

In Swirls and Silhouettes the female form appears along with their curves.

In Charlotte Hodes’s works the female form meanders as lines and shapes across the picture surface. Charlotte utilises her signature hand-cut silhouettes of women in papercuts, ceramics and prints. The women reach out to each other across interior and landscape spaces using various means of communication such as megaphones and mobile phones. The artworks exhibited form part of a body of work that Charlotte will show later in the year at the prestigious Ariana Museum in Geneva, in her exhibition Conversations en plein air.

Rachel Shaw Ashton’s figures are caught in the split second of time; falling, flying, resting. The silhouettes consist of hundreds of shapes, hand-cut, coloured and mounted. New silhouettes are created in the shadows beneath the wild flower and grass shapes. There is movement in the work, as if the artist has thrown the elements in the air and let them catch the breeze to meander to earth.

In Victoria Hooberman’s pieces, the lines swirl, arc and wander. These lines are hand-embroidered onto the canvas so that colour and shape interact to create a dynamic, lyrical and expressive surface. The works comprise part of an ongoing engagement with deeply personal sources of formal energy and visual sensation.

Gallery opening times: Tuesday to Friday 11 – 5

Other times by appointment