Enlighten | jaggedart talks | Lina Bo Bardi x Noemi Blager


Enlighten | jaggedart talks | Lina Bo Bardi x Noemi Blager


jaggedart presents a series of conversations that throw light on people and stories that somehow may have gone under our radar. Stories about the lives of writers, architects, artists or other people whose lives, writings, professions have faded in this time and age.

At this time when there is time to learn, know, discover or be reminded, time to know something more in depth.

Join us.


Born in Rome in 1914, Lina Bo Bardi’s extraordinary legacy as an architect, set designer, editor, illustrator, furniture designer and curator, has yet to be fully acknowledged. The Museum of Modern Art, SESC Pompéia and the Glass House in São Paulo are examples of some of Bo Bardi’s designs which integrated the values of the Modern Movement with Brazilian popular culture.

Noemí Blager is a London-based architect and curator from Buenos Aires. Former acting director of The Architecture Foundation in London, she was a member of the Design Museum’s curatorial board and curated the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together, which toured internationally from 2012-16. She was co-director of the 2014 London Festival of Architecture, a regular collaborator with the British Council, panellist and speaker at international conferences, and guest lecturer and critic at renowned schools of architecture both in London and abroad.

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