Translated into space

Translated into space

6 June - 30 June 2007

A. Gelman, Anderson Inge, Antonio Yesa, Julia Farrer, Stuart Redler, Tom Henderson

Translated into Space, an exhibition of works that examine the way that artists explore with line, texture, shade and form to create space, both real and illusionary.

The works exhibited play with the idea of movement and illusion. Some hint of a blueprint for a yet to be realised architectural form. In others, the volume appears to have been de-constructed onto a two dimensional plane.

The group of works exhibited includes a selection of diverse materials and media, including site specific installations, paintings, photographs and prints.

Julia Farrer's works challenge the line between painting and sculpture. She uses shaped panels to explore geometric shapes and give the illusion of three dimensions, much like an architect's blueprint.

A. Gelman's prints from his installation Little Black form part of his ongoing investigation into perceptions of weight and spatial dimensionality. With a black cube as a starting point the prints show the numerous possible viewpoints with stark and impeccable simplicity.

Tom Henderson created a site specific installation using audiotape. His visually interactive sculpture plays with optic illusion and spatial relationships.

Anderson Inge's works use the materials of construction to create reliefs of architectural forms: geometrical shapes and textures in cement and metal interplay.

In Stuart Redler's photographs, architectural features take on abstract forms. Buildings become landscapes of pattern and texture. His photographs of buildings from all over the world reiterate the organic nature of the buildings in the angles and view points of his images.

Antonio Yesa's drawings give the impression of being maquettes for his large public space sculptures. Metal lines and shapes are integrated to emphasize the three dimensions.