8 July - 1 August 2009

Claire Brewster, Gerd Winner, Jane Goodwin, Mari Shiba, Peter Abrahams, Rachel Shaw Ashton, Stuart Redler

Jane Goodwin’s six foot long, white, fibreglass ‘Day Trader’ reclines in front of the window of jaggedart, in the new exhibition of works about London.

Stuart Redler’s stunning photographs of London landmarks at night, are strikingly original. They set the background of the exhibition where works show the beautiful architecture of London or some of its city characters. Redler's maquette-like St Paul's, taken from the Southbank, contrasts Gerd Winner's ‘Thames View.’ The series of etchings of the river skyline from the mid-seventies, is beautifully executed and show a city which has almost changed beyond recognition.

The show is sophisticated yet with a hint of humour: Rachael Shaw Ashton's hand-cut paper men tumble across the page, making “good [their] escape.” Peter Abrahams’ dyptichs of suited Londoners, problematise the relationship between stillness and movement, present and continuous time. Mari Shiba's paints a serene and dreamlike vision of Canary Wharf, whilst Claire Brewster's intricate birds emerge from the page of an A-Z.

From the buildings to the people who occupy them, ‘Metropolis’ at jaggedart, shows an elegant and unique vision of the city of London.