Andrea Harari - Interview on Chinese Network CNC News


Andrea Harari - Interview on Chinese Network CNC News

Christmas is approaching, and London’s streets are filled with colorful bells, snowflakes, elks, and glowing lanterns; creating a romantic atmosphere for the festive season.
For this occasion, jaggedart gallery opened its doors for its special Christmas exhibition, presenting a wide range of specially selected handmade and unique gifts that are a pure delight for many people.

For almost two years, curator Andrea Harari has visited artists around the world, collecting all kinds of Christmas gifts and art pieces. According to her own experience, every artwork has a unique story to tell.

One of them is Jeremy May's eye-catching jewelry. Inspired by antique books, every single ring or necklace is created by a unique lamination process that uses the same pages of each book and then applies them to the finished work. One can literally smell the thick aroma of books when opening them and finding a unique and gorgeous-looking piece of jewelry within the pages.

“English artist Jeremy May completed this set of fine jewelry for the gallery. If you look at this ring, you can appreciate the beautiful gloss and the colours of the final piece, whilst the book itself (an old ‘Coleridge's Poetry’ book) has aged and has even some little damage. Jeremy May re-cut these reclaimed books so you can put the jewelry inside. It is like carrying a little secret, but also like a precious treasure. Then, you open the book, you put the ring in your hand, and you look at a gorgeous jewelry work of art.”
Andrea Harari, jaggedart director

Other works shown on this Christmas show are the new paper-cuts from artist Rachel Shaw-Ashton. With a lush Christmas tree carved in the center of the piece, we can notice 231 lovely little girls cut-outs, who laugh and pick the fruit, bringing new hope for the new year. Andrea Harari told reporters that she hopes that these Christmas gifts can also bring hope and warmth to this upcoming festive season and harvest satisfaction and happiness.

The Christmas show will be open until the 24th of December.
The exhibition is open to the public free of charge.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xi, Wu Yijiang reported in London

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