Shintou 2

Kazuhito Takadoi

Shintou 2

hawthorn twigs and linen twine
120 x 75 x 30 cm

Kazuhito Takadoi trained in horticulture in Japan. His works are made from grasses, twigs, branches, many of which he grows in his back garden in the UK.

For this work Kazuhito collected hawthorn twigs from a nearby farm. He cleans and de-thorns the twigs and leaves them to dry for a year. Then he patiently ties the twigs in tiny knots with linen twine.

His shapes are organic, as those found in nature. This work called kernel has one form inside the other. For the smaller shape inside, Kazuhito has used black linen twine to tie up the twigs whilst white linen twine has been used for the outside large shape. These sculptures are very light, yet they are robust.

Kazuhito ’s interest in shadows is an important dimension to his works, “As the light changes or the point of view is moved, so the shadows will create a new perspective.”

These works project innumerable shadows on the wall depending on the light, and in this case, as one shape is inside the other, very interesting projections appear.

One of his hawthorn twig sculptures was awarded a Special mention at the 2019 Loewe Crafts Prize. Another of his hawthorn sculptures is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection in London.