Laura Ellen Bacon

Laura Ellen Bacon

Laura Ellen Bacon is a British artist who lives and works in Derbyshire.

Her sculptures are most often created on site, in both landscape and cityscape settings that have included, Chatsworth; Somerset House, London and New Art Centre at Roche Court. Laura's work is also created for interior settings, from private interiors to gallery spaces including, the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich (2011), the Jerwood Space, London (2010) and The Saatchi Gallery, London for 'Collect' (2013).

"My large-scale installations are almost always built on site, allowing me to form my work in a way that truly fits a site.

I began making my early works upon dry stone walls and evolved to work within trees, riverbanks and hedges, allowing the chosen structure (be it organic or man-made) to become host. I am still powerfully driven to create ‘spaces’ of some kind and over a decade into my work, my passions have also returned to not only merging with the simplicity of dry stone walls, but towards powerful connections with architecture.

The sculptures that I make have a closeness with a host structure or the fabric of a building; their oozing energy spills from gutters, their 'muscular' forms nuzzle up to the glass and their gripping weave locks onto the strength of the walls. Whilst the scale and impact varies from striking to subtle (sometimes only visible upon a quizzical double take), I relish the opportunity to let a building 'feed' the form, as if some part of the building is exhaling into the work."